CCNP Training Courses (Hands-on, Instructor Led Courses)

Welcome to the CCNP Training Courses leading to Cisco CCNP Certification. Here are just some of the reasons to complete your CCNP training and pass your exams with NCAT:

  1. Cisco Training+
    NCAT have been delivering Cisco CCNP Instructor led training courses for over 10 years and have developed the ultimate programme Cisco Training+ ensuring delegates have the best learning and resources, created over time by listening to our customers

  2. Three Separate CCNP Courses
    Complete your CCNP training the way Cisco designed and recommend by dividing the training into three separate courses and exams

    Switch Design and Build resilient LAN Switched Networks
    Route Advanced Routing with OSPF, EIGRP, IPv6 and BGP
    Tshoot Advanced Enterprise Switching and Routing troubleshooting techniques

    Give yourself the best chance of passing your exams by modularising the training. NCAT schedule a CCNP course each month giving sufficient time to complete the training, revise and pass the exam before attending the next course.


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