Free CCNA, CCNP and CCIE Practice Lab

Practice with equipment is an important part to ensure exam success as the exams now have a high practical content. To assist our customers with this NCAT provide a free access (24 x 7) to a complete lab equipped with the latest Cisco hardware and software which meets all the current exam requirements and more. The lab is cabled up and ready to go saving customers both time and money from having to buy expensive hardware.

The lab hardware consists of:

4 x 2800 Routers
2 x Layer 3 3550 Switches
2 x Layer 2 2950 Switches

Free Practical Lab Guides

Addtionaly, we don't just provide free access to Cisco equipment we also provide a practical lab guides. Whilst any lab topology can be created by disabling different interfaces we have found from customer feedback that many delegates like to initially follow some practical guide until more experienced.

The guides cover many different aspects including Foundation IOS Switch and Router Configuration, Spanning Tree, VLAN, Inter VLAN Routing utilising 802.1q trunking, Access Lists (ACL) and NAT to name but a few! Additionally all labs are provided with a full set of answer example configurations.

These are just some of the reasons for selecting NCAT, find out more....