Tailored Training
Sometimes companies have specific requirements and request NCAT to either develop or tailor existing courses. This approach is economical for as few as three to four people. which further reduces costs by shortening the training time by only having relevant topics that directly relate to your network environment.

Case Studies
We have rolled out large scale bespoke training for many customers, including BBC, Cable & Wireless, DCSA.

National Air Traffic Control

Addtional Benfits
Tailoring also helps in other ways, for example key support staff can remain onsite, staff expenses reduce as staff don't need to travel, production environments can be replicated increasing the value and relevance of the training.
If requested for large training projects we can conduct a TNA (Training Need Analysis) to ensure the correct course content is included and essential topics are not over looked. All onsite training is carried out using live equipment for no extra charge which further reduces costs.